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    1. Introduction
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      Quanzhou Top Hyflux Apparel Co., LTD. Is a Private Enterprise engaged in the production of clothing, shoes and socks. Founded in the early year 2000, the company is located in Jinjiang City, Fujian province, China's production base of Garments and Footwears .The company manufactured for a variety of international brands OEM, but also for many domestic well-known brands, e-commerce sales suppliers, but also with domestic primary and secondary schools cooperation, the production of uniforms, sportswear and accessories. With all kinds of modern advanced clothing and detection equipment, fine and exquisite production technology, perfect, scientific, efficient management system.

      The company has passed the five international notaries factory inspection certification, and obtained the internationally recognized BSCI certificate. Our products have reached the quality requirements of many famous domestic and international brands. The company has its own production base in jiangxi and fujian. Every process of production has to pass our quality inspector's strict control. Environmental protection testing of auxiliary materials, production process analysis. Production line quality control, finished product inspection and other aspects of strict control. The company starts from the cultivation of the overall quality of employees. Employees are the cornerstone of the factory. Their quality determines the quality of the factory. We have been adhering to the spirit of cooperation harmony in the work, people-oriented, joint efforts to produce first-class products. Through the cooperation and efforts of all our staff, let everyone feel the "pride of the factory, quality first" work concept, with our quality and reputation won the praise of the partners.

      The company has its own brand, and undertake the production of various clothing orders development and production. The company mainly produces knitted and woven fabrics clothing, with products such as men's wear, women's wear, children's wear, t-shirts and sports suits as the main projects, and cooperates with customers to purchase and produce shoes, socks and other related supporting products. The main export areas include: South East Asia, North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Australia and other regions.

      The company is located in the middle of Jinjiang International Airport and Quannan Expressway, with convenient transportation, it has its own standardized factory building, warm dormitory, kitchen and other public facilities, as well as high-configuration office environment. Every year, the company organizes entertainment, tourism and other activities for employees, creating a good atmosphere for the company's corporate culture and employees' working environment. Our company in the "product quality assurance, delivery on time, reasonable price" spirit, customer satisfaction is our confidence! Wish to create brilliant achievements with the merchants from all walks of life! We warmly welcome your letter.


      ALL RIGHTS RESERVED:Top Hyflux Apparel Co. Ltd.        TEL.NO.: +86 595 88581812,     ADD:FUJIANQUANZHOU     閩ICP備18024151號-1